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History of The Gogebic Country Club


The earliest beginnings of The Gogebic Country Club date back over 100 years. In 1917 local members of the community pooled their resources and efforts and began raising capital to build the course.  Despite World War One raging, the club founders were able to make progress on the first 6 holes of the course very quickly.  Soon after, the course was expanded to 9 holes.  In early 1922, construction on the grand clubhouse began, and it was completed in 1924. 
Over the past century, the club has gone through many changes.  The course remained 9 holes only from its opening until the 1990's when the second 9 holes were added.  This year, 2022, the course will officially be celebrating 100 years as part of the community.  Throughout the season, historical photos and information will be displayed around the course, and on this webpage.  On Sunday, July 31st, The Club will host a Centennial Celebration Gala Event.  Everyone is invited to join.  More information on that event will be posted as it comes together.  

This page will continue to be updated with Club history often in the coming months so check back soon for the latest updates.
If anyone has historical photos, articles, or information that could be added to this page, please email us.  We'd love to hear from you!

Historical Photos

Articles and Historical Documents

Daily Globe article on the construction of the GCC clubhouse.

Click image view full-size article.

Daily Globe article on the construction of the Gogebic Country Club Clubhouse
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